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Google’s Android is now declared as world’s no. 1 mobile operating system in terms usability and popularity. Its a  confirming fact that Droid gives best user experience as well as home screen customization.

The default menu of these mobile phones are good enough to attract users but what if you are graphic lovers and have more greed to add extra decoration to your smartphones.

Nova Launcher Prime

What is Nova Launcher ?

If you don’t know about Android Launchers then let me first introduce you with this awesome app which has won the heart of millions of people.

Its basically an app which gives high customization to your smartphone’s home screen enabling sliding docks, icons, wallpapers as well as animations according to your wish. Though there are many such apps available out their on web but this one is very unique and worth trying.

Features :

As stated, its loaded with tons of features including replacing your whole menu of Android 4.0, along with giving high performance to your mobile. That means it don’t consume much of your RAM and system memory, specification is listed below :

  • Both : Premium and Free version is available
  • Flexible icons and skins
  • With classic and black buttons
  • Consumes minimal Random access memory
  • No extra load on system
  • Burns less battery power

Now, its time to get information about how you can download and install Nova Launcher APK onto your Android mobile, its a very easy process which just includes downloading the app from the below link.

  1. Download Nova Launcher Prime from here  ($4)
  2. Or get Free Version (Google Play Store Link)
  3. If you are from mobile then click on “Install” directly and it will get processed
  4. For computer users, first get it in your system and then transfer the same in your phone.
  5. That’s it!

Home Screen Icons

After that, you can easily open it and can easily customize settings with different function like one can change wallpaper, icons, images, 3D docks, classic graphics, etc. Its up to your choice, they have tons of designs available to decorate your Android Mobile’s Home Screen and menu.

Other Specifications :

There are many of you who are more curious about Nova Launcher, and for your kind information its specialties is not at all limited, its unlimited! and few of them I am describing below, just have a look.

Folder Icons : One can easily change the folder and shortcuts so that you can get instant access to your desired data(s), its totally customized and doesn’t require any extra downloading process, its inbuilt.

Docks : It has kind of new and stylish style which attracts eyes of users.

Themes : It comes with pre-loaded themes which delivers different look to your home menu. Some includes black, white as well as nature and so.

Scroll Effect : Tons of sliding effects like jump, scroll, instant, etc. When you swipe the screen it gives you heavenly effect.

Backup : When one want the current settings so that it will get the same screen if in the case you close the Nova Launcher Prime for some purpose, it can easily be restored later.

Widgets : Directly install infinite number of widgets with various functionality and that too at one touch access, like widget for checking RAM, weather reports, etc.

Hide Apps : If you don’t want some applications to be visible then theirs an option to hide the desired and unwanted app which accounts to better usability.

Thus folks, I hope you enjoyed this review about customizing your Android’s home screen using this amazing app, if you have any doubt or problem then please drop a comment, I will surely get to you.

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