How to Delete Way2SMS Account ?

Way2SMS is one of the India’s largest portal which allows users to send unlimited SMS across the country. It has startling features which attracts people to register their and to access their service, but what if you don’t like this site and want to get rid of it.

Here is the option that you can easily Delete Way2SMS Account without applying extra efforts. Though theirs no official statement or option available on their website but one can remove it by contacting their support team. Yes! It sounds bit lengthy process but believe me its very easy to follow.

Delete Way2SMS Account

Once I created account for free text but I didn’t liked their service so I just logged out and forgotten about it, but after 14 days they started to send me messages about in-activity and all such reasons and then it was daily routine which started to irritate to like anything.

So I searched whole web and found this useful method which helped me to complete this task. If you too have experienced things like me and want to get rid of it, then you can surely follow my simple steps which will give relief to your mobile inbox from unnecessary SMS(s).

Steps to Delete your Account :

So you are definitely the member at this site and now don’t want to use their service anymore, as I stated above also they don’t have any official  option to remove account but they are bound to their own privacy policy which enabled us to get this right. Just follow this short procedure and you are done.

1. You have to send email to their support team with the reason why you don’t want to be them anymore, you can do the same by sending them mail at

2. After you have  successfully sent them email they will drop one text to the registered mobile number with four number unique code and the complete procedure on how you can delete Way2SMS account permanently. (Sorry! I can’t reveal the original steps here, its against their policy)

3. Once you got the SMS with that unique code you are free to remove or delete it

Note : Though you have unsubscribed from it but they still have the profile information containing you all details in their database, its because of some security reasons.

Now that you will get complete freedom as they do give your mobile number to third party so that to earn money. These people then makes unwanted calls and texts which is not good for our privacy and can lead to high risks.

So folks, I hope you guide is well enough for you to follow, it was really simple and I swear the task is now completed, if you still have any doubt then please do comment here with your problem and I will surely help you to delete your account.

In my next post I will come up with such similar type of guide for some another websites. Till that time its a request to stay tuned.

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