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Mig33 is one of the widest mobile community which has grown with great pace in the field of social networking, chatting, calling as well as SMS world. It now deals with more than 60  million members enjoying their incredible facility  form all over the world. Its the wonder treasure of Instant Messaging, Online games, making friends as well as files or image sharing. Mig33 LoginIf you are certainly new to this topic then let me make you introduce with this application or tool. Its the service which was introduced in late 2006 with the purpose of just chatting and sending SMS over GPRS and with the advancement in time they grew up to become multi-functional company which provides such apps which now has the ability to make phone calls, IM, virtual gifting system, money earning, etc. All this functions are based on single internet connection and nothing else. Features and Specifications :

  • Text with Folks for free
  • Fully enjoyable chats with emoticons
  • Transfer and receiver files and images
  • Create contacts and phone-book
  • Play interesting games
  • All in one (universal) chatting
  • And much more for your betterment

Now, its time to move ahead with the information on how you can join this service to enjoy new friends and social networking directly from your system. Follow below mentioned steps and you will be done. 1. First you have to do Mig33 Registrationfrom your mobile or computer. 2. Then give important info like desired username and password 3. Submit correct number and click on “I Accept” 4. After that, you will receive one unique code on your mobile (which you have submitted) 5. Enter that code when its asked 6. And the sign up process is completed You have successfully registered one account and its time to move on to features, though there is another method which is very easy to use and apply which I forgot to post here, its the method which we can directly from Mig33 Application.

  1. Download App for your phone and install it
  2. Then open it so that you will see the option to login and sign up
  3. Here, click on “Create new account” and submitted the demanded information as above.
  4. And follow the same process again.

Extra Specifications : As I stated above also, Mig33 is not only limited to Instant messaging, the thing which makes this tool unique from others is its extra ordinary functions which is completely meant for the betterment and enjoyment of users which keeps them engaged with things out there. Some of those are mentioned here :

Become Merchant : This is one of the fantastic method to earn money without applying extra efforts, here you have to become credit seller and the company will provide you some commission in terms of money.

Phone calls : You can easily purchase points and can enjoy very cheap mobile calls, both local and international. They have kinda unique technology which gives very good voice quality.

Universal IM : Yes! you can chat from one place with your Facebook, yahoo, gmail and other friends from the one spot only which is really nice and appreciative facility provided.

Uses Very Less Connectivity : If you don’t have any internet plan activated then also you don’t have to worry about as it uses very less amount of data (bandwidth) which will costs few pennies only. One can even connect over Wi-Fi and other wireless connections. Thus folks, I hope you liked this tool and I prefer using this service over others as its very old, hence trust-able that our privacy will not be leaked.

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