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Chrome is one of the best and fastest internet browser which I am using from years ago and still enjoying its every move, not only me but its loved by billions of people all over the world because of its fantastic functions that completely makes this explorer mind blowing and effective.

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When I talk about facilities here comes another extent feature namely chrome backgrounds which gives you pleasure of great graphics and skins that gives more nice browsing experience.

What these Themes Actually Do? If you don’t know about this much, then let me explain it in detail, if you are lover of color and want geeky or any type of look for your browser then Chrome have the mind blowing option of applying various kind of icons, backgrounds, etc which will make your software look just different from what you normally have.

There are loads of skins available on web but I dared to mention few Chrome themes which is very popular among netizens. Its main specialties are listed below :

  • Makes you feel new user interference
  • Easy to download and install
  • One click apply
  • Comes minimum system memory
  • No need to pay any charge, its completely free!

Here, I have provided top five list for most popular skins which are loved by people all over the world, Though I also have provided one universal link from where you will be able to get all category backgrounds without any restriction.

Note : Below I have reviewed out some of the themes and you can find the same here on Google Web Stores, so that you just click on search and enter below mentioned name, after that Install and its done!

1. Angry Birds : Angry Birds themes for Chome I don’t think so, if you need any type introduction for this skin, if you are a game lover and want to integrate the same in your browser then here you are, you can install it from there itself, no need of any downloading process.

2. Abstract Blue : Blue Chrome Theme If you like dark blue color then I have listed here one of my favorite design which has the power to attract the eyes which feels very good, it includes some great graphics as well as new icons for your betterment.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich Design : Android Background Same as that of Android users can get the same type of icons and color wallpaper as we get in ICS. It uses some light combination of green and sky blue color including some latest logos.

4. Apple OS : Apple Skin As the name indicates, this Google Chrome Background is designed keeping the target in mind, it has customized and fine logos with tons of images and icons which makes your browser looks great.

5. Colorful : Here comes another product which is filled with tons of colors which gives your eyes a new pleasure. It has different type of images pre-installed and uses finely low memory. Using it will surely give you some alteration in its GUI

6. Mac Skin : Applying Mac Background will give you the heavenly feel of using Apple operating system in Chrome, i used it and was amazed with its pack which changed my normal look to complete another.

7. Ubuntu : As usual this skin will also provide feel of the mentioned operating system in your existing system. It has some legal graphics which you will surely admire, it look classic and ancient.

As mentioned above also, you just have to go ahead with Google Web Store and log the name of desired product in search bar, after that click on “Choose Theme” and its ready to move.

Hence folks, I hope you liked this list  which is chosen by me, if you are still not satisfied then just follow the whole list in the main category.

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