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FB is one of the widest social networking media which got tremendous boost in last half decade, though there are many reason for using such sites but the main criteria behind it is chatting and socializing with more people and mots of the population do the same.

Many-a-times it happen that we only want to have some talk with friends or folks and have to open the whole browser and have to follow task oriented steps but with the advancement of FB chat messenger which is completely meant for desktop you have to just click on the icon or soft and its ready. Isn’t it cool? Now, let me make you clear that there are many type of application on web but now official version is released worldwide so its always recommended to use the main soft instead of going with any third party developers app.

Features :

  • More fast and quick then web chat bar
  • No need to open browser or any site
  • Get all your notifications instantly on the desktop
  • Easily update status in time intervals
  • Supports varieties of emoticons
  • Most flexible and handy
  • With extra security and advance technology
  • Automatic login system
  • Its completely free and easy to use.

Now, its time to post about the applications on which this article is based, the official FB chat is only meant for Windows operating system and the unofficial one is their for Mac computers (its also good so no need to worry about privacy or security) Follow below mentioned procedure.

  1. First of all, Download the soft from the given link (Mac)
  2. Its very handy! Install it onto your system (no need of special knowledge)
  3. Open the software and submit the confidential details
  4. Its partially done, you can text with friends as you do it online.

Say, you don’t like the one which is described above then you have a option, you can go with another namely fTalk which is also nice.

Facebook Desktop App

Extra Specifications :

The above features which I listed those were just glimpse of functions. Below I reviewed about some cons and pros which is really genuine and clear, I have talked about its skin, appearance and so.

Interference :

The GUI is very simple and clean which makes sense that members will surely love it as its not loaded with unwanted graphics and such things which is surely not needed.

Comments :

You can get information comments on your status or images so that you don’t have go online from the browser, its really time saver

Feeds :

Same of the site, their is one dedicated bar which only shows feeds or news as well as other’s status and you can directly see those without applying efforts.

Contacts :

As upon login, the app will show all your contact that are online and the offline one will be shown in down list so that users will not get confuse while using the desktop messenger.

No Ads :

Its nice point that you will not deal with annoying advertisements which is again good for betterment of users

Doesn’t Support Video :

This is very bad that currently theirs no availability of video chat but its sure that in near future Facebook will add this feature so we have to keep patience and noting more.

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