RocketDock Skins Free Download [3+]

As we all know that RocketDock is one of the finest program which is meant to please users with its advanced and extra graphic features. But what if still our crave for design is not fulfilled, then you have to customize things with your own ease and comfort-ability and that will work wonders if you really want to get your Windows operating system a new and fantastic look. Same thing can easily be done by downloading free RocketDock Skins which is open source i.e you can personally create the design without anyone’s permission. Though, for the people who don’t have much knowledge about this then he/she can opt to go for ready-made ones.

RocketDock Skins

It has much power that it can easily give your system a new look providing the taste of complete new OS. Like now you are using Windows OS and by applying this skins users can get the effect of Mac or Ubuntu and so on. Its basically comes with type of files which you have to manually install onto your system folders to get in worked. Don’t worry the process is really simple and easy and I have described the tutorial for same in below post. Features of the skins are listed below :

  • High customization of desktop
  • Very handy and consumes very low space
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Available for free

Today, I’ll be reviewing handful of certain themes which is developed by unofficial members and is not provided form official sources. Though, I can give you complete surety that its the best program which is meant only for you.

1. Simply Dark :

As the name indicates, this is very much simple yet effective skin which has the ability to furnish your boring desktop. By applying this product, you will be getting and effective RocketDock Icons effect i.e black and white.

Dark Skins

As the installation for all is same, you just have to follow below mentioned procedure which is very easy to follow. If you are of simple nature then this design is only meant for you.

2. Apple Skin :

This is another yet stylish graphic which give total feel and touch of Apple’s Device as you can see the same in below picture. Its icons and docks are also very unique and gives different sense to users.

Apple Skin

After implementing this handy skin you will get the look as seen above, its gadget is also something new and ever seen. Personally, I use this Apple design on my Win OS.

3. Mac OS Skin :

This is the type of theme which will change your whole operating system into Mac OS X Leopard look which is just fantastic and cool too. It will even convert the start menu and task bar design for giving the perfect feel of something new.


This is very nice skin and its very attractive also thus giving you an eye pleasing graphics for your desktop.

How to Apply :

  1. Just Download the desired files from above mentioned addresses
  2. Put it onto installation skin folder
  3. Now select the skins from the settings

Note : All this skins are developed by individuals i.e they are from unofficial source and is not provided directly from RocketDock, so you have to understand the possible risks involved, though all the products mentioned in this article is completely trust-able.

Hence friends, if you love to apply latest and cheesy looks onto your computer, then this is the thing which is worth trying, I already use this themes and its working very fine with me. Thus, it recommended to download it for your desktop and if you have problem then please post it here.

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