Best Rainmeter Themes & Skins

Rainmeter is one of the top most application available which allows you to customize your whole operating system by giving it completely new look and enhanced power.

It is basically a type of customization software same like that of Rocketdock which adds variant colors and icons, so that users can enjoy eye pleasing appearance. Among, Best Rainmeter themes and skins also play vital role in designing operating system’s outlook.

Consider if you don’t like white color and want to convert it into black or say red then users can surely interchange the desktop.

Rainmeter Themes

I hope you already know much about this advanced app, thus I am not defining it in detail so as to concentrate on the topic. In this post I’ll be talking about themes and skins that you can easily apply on Rainmeter.

All these products has some common features and function-ability and I have listed the same below :

  • Easy to install and use
  • Very handy in size
  • Gives out best performance
  • New gadgets are embedded
  • Completely changes the icons and hover
  • Latest dock effect
  • Animations are also included

So those were the basic one which forms the main base of you desktop but you will find more specifications as per variations are concerned.

Best Rainmeter Themes 2013 List

Now its time to reveal out the real information and programs or you can say fantastic designs the can decorate your system at an real end. I have reviewed some of the templates.

1. Omnimo 2 :

Omnimo Skins

I hope you might be aware with this skin, if not let me introduce to you, its one of the best and has been considered as god father when it comes to themes. Possibly it makes you feel like using Windows 8 start menu i.e Metro and touches it heavenly.

2. Unified :

Unified theme for Rainmeter

Another fabulous and simple template which gives the touch of Mac OS in influence with its hover effect. If you are in love with Apple then you will definitely love it as it gives the look of modified iOS.

3. Bar :

Bar Template

Yet another advanced type theme which is liked by many youngsters including me. Once installed it will convert your desktop into new sort system anyone have ever seen.

4. Crowded :

Crowd Theme

This skin is very light and you will feel very comfortable after using it. According to me, its the semi-version of Metro of Windows 8. Though, it has buttery small icons and hovering effects.

5. Circles :

Circles Skins

As indicated my name, this theme is considered by circles in black color which gives cunning look to your system. And bit sort of white at some places catches users eyes.

6. Dark Eve :

Dark Evening

It has most prominently all types of effects with some shaded region. If you like dark effects then this is surely for you to use. It has inbuilt clock with stylish look and dashing interference.

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If you don’t know this process then don’t worry, I have given step by step guide your form obligation. Just follow below mentioned points :

  1. First of all, Download rainmeter theme of your choice
  2. Do right click and copy all the files which is inside the (.zip) folder
  3. Now, copy and paste it in its skins folder which you will found in Documents folder
  4. Restart the app, then you have to do right click on tray icon.
  5. Then select “Config” and you will see the new skins which is downloaded
  6. Its successfully done.

I hope, you liked this article and if you have any problem then please do comment and we will be most happy to help you out with these grand list of Top Rainmeter themes as well as skins.

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