Opera AdBlock For Blocking Advertisements

As we all know that Ad-Block is on e of the most popular extension which is purposefully meant to stop unwanted advertisements from the browser so that users can get better surfing and reading experience. With previous date, this type of add-on was only available for Chrome and Firefox but now others has also joined this race and had introduced Adblock Addon for Opera which perfectly works like charm.

In recent years, Opera Web Browser has shown great increase in numbers of users and till now its already used by millions of people all over the world. Keeping this point of view in mind, they has already released one of the best ads blockers ever meant. In fact, its more better than the official version and has been developed by third party vendor.

Opera AdBlock

Features :

Though, many of us might be aware with the basic functions provided by it but one can enjoy more fine specification and the same is listed below :

  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Its freely available
  • Very handy and consumes minimal memory
  • More and accurate settings
  • Easily blocks unwanted advertisements
  • Exception list enabled
  • Comes with advanced filers
  • Automatic and manual workings
  • And much more.

Now, after getting clear about this Addon its time to reveal further information with which users will be able to block unwanted advertisements on web page. Keep on reading to know more about how you can download and install it onto your browser.

  1. First of all, Download the addon onto your system
  2. After that, open the downloaded file with Opera or just drag and drop it
  3. Now, an automatic installation will get started
  4. Its time to restart the browser so that this extension would successfully work

Thus, we have completely done the task so that I will describe the process for how you can easily use this program and the same is detailed below.

How to Use :

There are many methods for using this application but the simplest and most flexible is described here, we have to just go through some easy clicks.

  1. First check on right bottom side if the extension is working (You can see lighted icon)
  2. Just right click on desired website or web page with annoying ads
  3. Then choose “Edit Preferences”
  4. Now, head to Content and enable blocking

But the only lower point is you have to do this task for each and every site which accounts as time consuming and energy wasting task, but all other things are perfect.

Specifications :

There are many other functions which adds more power to AdBlock and at the same time gives more easy-ability for users.

  • Control CSS : This feature makes your browsing experience more better and nice
  • Remove FB Login : It removes any Facebook Connect button from web pages
  • Ad Filtering : Decide what type of ads you want to see
  • Instantly disable and enable option

For conclusion, the only message I want to deliver is that, I personally use Extension onto by system and it improves the page loading speed and reduces the crash ups, so that its recommended to go for it and if you have any problem or stuffed with any doubt then please do comment and give us suggestions.

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