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ooVoo is one of the youngest master piece which has arrived in the field of Instant messaging and free video calling which has been managed by mind blowing and immense technology of VoIP. You might question, what’s new in this type of service, there’s tons of similar kinda available in web. Then this has something new and extra-ordinary features which makes it stand out of crowd.

If you are novice to this topic, then let me make you know that what is ooVoo? Basically, its a type of IM which strongly allows users to enjoy free phone calls from PC to mobile. Along with that, one can also do group chatting with up to 15 members which is just fantastic in terms of advancement. What you require is, good internet connection, microphone, speakers and webcam, so that you can call anyone. And today, I am going to give you a tutorial on how you can easily do ooVoo Sign In with PC by downloading and installing their desktop software.

ooVoo Sign In

Features :

It comes with tons of specifications which is meant to please members. They provide their direct client for almost every type of operating system i.e Windows, Mobile, Android, etc so that its very handy and easy to use and utilize. Some of the main and outstanding functions are described below :

  • Fine video and audio quality
  • Supports text while talking
  • Advanced compression technology
  • Mobile to PC and vice-a-versa
  • Allows file sending with screen sharing
  • Group is also enabled
  • Conversation recording
  • And much more awaiting

ooVoo Sign In & Sign UP Process :

After getting enough introductory about this service its time to dive in real topic on which this article is based. Here, I’ll be describing, that how you can create account on this IM in a fraction of seconds. Just follow below mentioned steps :

ooVoo Account

Note : In order to access this app, Facebook is very much required but not compulsory. If you do not have FB Id, then there’s completely no issues but you have to then follow lengthy process.

  1. Create Account by visiting Sign Up Page here
  2. Then click on Download button and get one application for your computer
  3. After successful installation, fill up demanded requirements
  4. Its done.

Now, you can further add your friends or some new to meet with folks over countries and continents. One can even invite people over this service with the help of email activity. But make sure that you have to first do ooVoo Login.

Features of ooVoo.com :

If you are interested to know more about this app after reading the above details about ooVoo Sign IN then keep on reading about more features which really makes this Instant Messaging tool out of the world.

1. Premium : They have provided paid system for those who have very much liked this app, which allows you to enjoy phone calls worldwide, can any time control the privacy and members can even make their own social networking group.

2. High Definition Quality : They use some advanced functions which allows users to enjoy HD video quality which according to me is very good as Skype is also not providing this facility for free.

3. Record : If you want to save the conversations then you are free to do so, as they have legal feature of recording the whole call. This has very good impact as you are saving your memories.

4. Mobile : If users don’t have access to computer, then one can easily download Mobile app and can do ooVoo Sign in directly from the phone. But, make sure that you are using Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

5. Invite Friends : If you really want to get your known one to this service then they have official function in accordance with which anyone can invite theirs folks in no time.

6. File Sharing : Like Skype and other IM(s) here also any one can send multimedia to other member i.e : Images, songs and so on.

7. Facebook Application : If you don’t want to leave FB then they have new app which can be installed.Thus, enjoy calling from web browser itself.

Thus folks, sharing my personal experience, after getting in touch with this tool I forgot Skype and such other things because this is very good and highly recommended for youngsters and of course to every age people. Proceed with ooVoo Sign In and get used to advanced level video chatting. If you have any doubt or query then please do comment and we will get to you as soon as possible with the best solution. So please stay tuned with us always!

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