eBuddy XMS For Mobile & PC (Download)

eBuddy XMS is one of the sister service which is provided for betterment of users, with this application one can enjoy the next generation of messaging & chatting that have been ever used by anyone.

They have their own motto i.e “Do More Than SMS” which clearly indicates its power. And one of the most interesting part is, its available for both : Mobile and Computer (you will need internet availability).

eBuddy XMS

You might be thinking what this service is exactly about? And here’s the answer. It is IM type tool which enables live texts as well as pictures and video sharing. But it will work within the members who are using this software which you have to install onto the system with internet connection (Wi-Fi, GPRS, UMTS).


Users can access ultimate specifications giving out more flexibility, along with messaging one can share other media and it allows to get connected with friends anytime, anywhere with eBuddy XMS

  • Free & Unlimited SMS
  • Comes with hundreds of animated emoticons
  • Highly handy and flexible
  • Connect with Facebook folks
  • Create your own contacts
  • Send and receive Images, Video, etc

Now its time to proceed further with how you can use it onto your mobile or computer. I have provided all the minute details which is detailed below :

First of all, you need to create your own account but don’t worry it just takes seconds as you have to connect with Facebook and they will add you as member.

Login to XMS

  • Visit Web Version and click on “Facebook Connect”
  • Then you can easily invite your all FB friends in moments of minutes
  • When they will also join this service you will be able to do text messaging
  • One can even share videos and other things like audio, photos, etc

If you prefer to use phone over computer then one has to install it onto the mobile, and have to follow the same process described above.

  • Download eBuddy XMS for Nokia, iPhone, Android, etc
  • After that, install and scan FB account to access the features

Thus, its completely done. Now, enjoy the extra ordinary functions along with your friends.

Extra Specifications

If anyone want to get in detail functions, then read out below points which will make you introduced with advanced features which users would really love.

  1. Connect Easily : Easily get in touch with all folks and family members in no time.
  2. Contact List : Automatically adds the current contacts as phone book.
  3. Free : All things including SMS, Chatting, Sharing, etc
  4. New Technology : It shows when some one typing the message.

Note : Though eBuddy is not charging anything but the Internet connection is must needed. The mobile career may charge money and so its recommended to activate any GPRS pack. Or it would be more nice if you are using Wi-Fi.

Hence folks, if you want to access something different and new then just grow up and go ahead with new generation of technology. I personally use this app and its the best thing which I have ever used in my lifetime. If you have any doubt then don’t hesitate to ask the question.

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