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Way2SMS is one of the oldest and  free messaging service which was introduced in 2005 and now it features more then 5 crore people across India. As far as I remember, its the only website on which I registered for first time and was amazed with its fantastic features. Now this is the only online portal which has its base in almost hundred countries. The reason I bound to review for this website is worth knowing, please read out below article.

You can directly follow Way2SMS Login for getting access to your account or lets see below how to do Way2SMS Sign up from your computer

Frankly speaking, I’m already using Way2SMS and already impressed with its features and specifications which forced me to share this article with you. As stated above also, this website is very ancient having must functions to keep users engagement with their service. They allows you to send unlimited texts on any Indian mobile, not only that but it even use your own message center number.

Way2SMS Login

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Way2SMS Login

Features :

You can enjoy many functions which is exactly needed by netizens. They consider users’ experience as their first priority, thus has been providing this free service for last seven years without charging a single penny. Please do check mentioned features of Way2SMS.com

  • Users can send free message accords India
  • One can easily access email inbox on mobile
  • Pre-installed messengers on official website
  • Instant delivery of SMS (with in 5 seconds)
  • Users can create online contact list
  • New technology : Automatic sending of SMS
  • Features Flash Games for better engagement

Anyone can sign up on Way2SMS.com and enjoy its great specifications. Just follow the simple registration process which enables you to become successful member of this website.

Way2SMS Sign UP

1. First of all, visit Way2SMS Registration page from your system.

Way2SMS Register

2. Now confirm your personal information which is needed to get an account :

  • Name : (your full and real name)
  • Birth date : (accurate D.O.B)
  • E-mail : (your working email address)
  • Profession : (select any one from four option)
  • Current City : (please select your city)
  • Income : (choose randomly)
  • Enter Mobile No : (make sure you enter correct mobile no.)
  • Pass security check : (enter captcha)
  • Accept Terms and Condition : (tick mark the box)
  • Now, Click on “Verify and Register”

3. After submitting all information you will receive ID and password on your mobile.

4. Just follow Way2SMS Sign In process and submit that information for successful access to your account.

5. Yuppie! you can now send free messages.

From now on-wards, you don’t have to waste extra money for texts, just use mobile service (Application) and enjoy messaging from your phone itself.

Account users can follow multiple methods to allow sign in process, and I’ve mentioned three basic steps which will help you to access Way2SMS.com from phone as well as computer.

Mobile Application :

One can even send free texts using mobile app which is officially available, you just have to download the same and install onto your Android Smartphone (Currently, this app is not available for Java enabled phones) But, it obviously needs GPRS connection to transfer data over Internet.

  • Official and Portable App
  • Send Free messages anytime
  • Auto-logging feature
  • And much more.

Desktop Client :

If you are regular SMS user then this computer software is meant only for you, with Desktop Client one can keep enjoy all the functions of Way2SMS.com without visiting the direct website. <link>

  • Very Handy Software
  • All time member access to website
  • Easy to use features
  • Manage Contact Lists quickly

Features of Way2SMS.com :

Previously, while introducing you with site’s features, I skipped some important specification which is detailed below, the reason for doing so, is to keep you engaged with our blog. Please check out few remaining and important functions :

a) Schedule SMS :

You can set timer for sending texts to friends, folks, etc. This is very appreciate technology which comes very useful in timings like birthday, weddings, etc. So that, member can easily set the time to 12 A.M and message will be sent as time alarms.

b) Multiple Sending :

Unlike other portals, here you can create and manage your full proof online contact list and send them texts at a time, conserving your precious time. It has ability to send maximum ten messages to different mobiles.

c) Anti-DOT System :

As per standard government policy, members can utilize any online portal to send at-most two hundred texts per day, but it has successfully by-passed this restriction for betterment of account holders. So that you can send number of SMS(s) without any limit.

d) Reliable Service :

Although, many new websites like SMSfi is already coming up daily but the reason for popularity of current service is its trust and reliable-free service which is always being served to members.

At last, the only implication I can give this site provides very good service without any charge. This website has won the trust of millions of Indian Users and I’m also using this service for my personal use.

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