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UC Browser for PC (free download) brings one of the leading Mobile web browsers right to your PC. Previously unavailable on a personal computer, the UC browsersuch was the demand for this great mobile web browser that a PC version was created. for its awesome features which makes users’ Internet Browsing experience a breeze.

It’s an official announcement that Ucweb already crossed the mark of 3 Million downloads which is record breaking. Previously it was not available for Personal Computer (PC) but now, people can easily Download UC Browser for PC

However, we must add that this application is from an unofficial source and has not been provided by Ucweb directly. Though the point to note is that, one can experience same interference as you use in Mobile screen.

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Similar downloading and browsing speed is must. This UC Browser PC Version now even supports Flash which was lacking in other previous versions.

UC Browser PC

UC Browser For PC

The official website provides the UC Browser for most of the mobile operating systems i.e Java, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Pocket, etc but unfortunately not for PC operating-systems like Windows and Mac.

Recently, a group of developers from China has successfully developed UC Browser for Computer keeping the same technology as its used in mobile, and so the application we are going to provide here is only available in the Chinese language (we will keep you informed when an English language version becomes available).

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UC Browser For PC : Free Download

As I described above, you can easily download and install this great web browser application by following the following steps. In this article I’ll mention two methods, one is easy and the other is harder.

UC Browser For Computer

Method #1 needs you to download the software and enjoy the application while the second one has a slightly more complicated procedure, though I’ve detailed both methods for readers.

1. Free Download UC Browser for PC (.exe file)

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Just click the above link and download the application, further, you don’t have to go through installation process, just open the app and enjoy browsing on your computer. If you are not satisfied, then you can try another method.

Option 2. Using Kemulator 

There’s one software available for computer which is mainly used to run mobile (Java) applications on computer and same you can use. Follow step-by-step tutorial listed below :

1. Download & Install JRE (JAVA)

2. Then go for Kemulator and install it in your system

3. Now, Download any Java Application eg : UC Browser 8.0

First you have to install JRE and Kemulator from above mentioned links, then you can easily fetch the UC Browser Java application and can use it onto your PC with no effort at all.

UC Browser for PC : FAQ

As this is unofficial app, its my responsibility to keep you updated with any tips or FAQ which can make your installation experience easier. Just go through below mentioned recommendations for better flexibility.

1. Keep App in Folder : Because, when you will start the app, it will automatically create few system files.

2. Wait for Few Seconds : When you start the software for the first time then please be patient, as it takes some time to load.

Features List:

This software is derived form the mobile technology which has been used in Mobile version, so that users can enjoy and experience the same functions and specifications. As some people are fond of features I have described the same below :

  • Supports Windows Operating System including Win XP & Win 7
  • Highly Compressed Technology for better browsing experience
  • Super fast Downloading Speed
  • No installation process required
  • Known General User Interference
  • Support WAP sites on Computer
  • Makes Internet Browsing faster by 90%
  • And many extra functions

Screen shots :

UC Browser for PC

Disadvantages of UC Browser PC Version:

This application comes with only one downside i.e its available in Chinese Language only and not in English, so users may find it bit confusing to use. Many users report that if you keep using it and trying things out, you will become familiar with this UC Browser for PC Version which works with your Windows OS as well as on desktops and laptops.

So folks, this is the new and revolutionary step taken for delivering thrilling experience to users by getting UC Browser for Computer. I hope by now, you have already learned about this new app and please do comment. I’ll try to respond your comments and issues as soon as possible. Also stay tuned for more updates.

Update 21/05/2013: Read this next: Guide to using UC browser for PC free download.

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    It’s now good news that it’s finally here at last, and I appreciate the effort, but the bad news is that, it’s not working on my PC. What have done wrong?

    • Krishna Parmar says:


      Hello, sorry to know that its not working in your PC, I highly recommend to use Windows 7 OS or at least install the .net 4.5 version. Or at-last you can go with the method 2 described in my post! Thank You!

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