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Smsze is one of the brand new online portal which allows netizens to send SMS online in India You might question that what’s new about this type of websites, we already have Site2Sms, SMSfi and so. But the reason I reviewed is, it provides great and unbelievable features for making messaging life easy, free and more better.

Smsze Login

Accessing this service is very easy and quick to go, just register & Smsze sign in. Then you can send messages to mobile without paying any penny. The top most and ever last features are ad free SMS, no restriction from TRAI (gov.), supports upto 300 characters and much more which even Way2SMS is unable to provide with.


The purpose millions of users use this portal is its functions. This website has very fast and quick to access servers unlike others which adds plus point  in this review.

  • Advertisements free messaging
  • Quick Delivery of Messages
  • Sends SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) activated mobile
  • Allows unlimited messages per day
  • No restriction from TRAI terms & conditions
  • Easy to access interference
  • Fresh and clean mobile usability
  • Fast loading web hosts
  • And much more

Forsign in & registration you have to follow to little normal steps as you do in most other websites, though for our readers betterment I described detailed steps below :

1. First of all, Register on by exploring web

2. Now, enter your name and other details in Sign Up box :

Smsze Registration

3.  Now you will be asked to invite friends, you can easily skip this step or can even invite them for free.

Invite friends in Smsze

4. Then account’s password will be sent on your provided mobile number.

5. Its time to do Smsze Login via sent password

6. Now, you need to change your password and can enjoy free online SMS in India

You are completely done by successful registration and login, one can even download mobile application for better usage and flexibility to account users.

Explore more is not about sending messages, but its something more and extra which all people wishes, I’m talking about texts and updates. Apart, there are many other functions which is detailed here :

1. No Ads in Message :

Many websites including Way2Sms includes small advertisements which irritates most of the users including me, but it doesn’t follow same thing and their sent messages is completely junk free

2. No Sending Limits :

After official announcement from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) no user is allowed to send more than hundred texts per day and most of the online websites follow this conditions. But is not bound to this term and users are allowed to send endless messages to friends & family members.

3. Supports upto 350 characters:

Unlike others, this portal makes there users to send texts which is loaded with 350 characters which is really great.

4. High SMS Collections :

Many people are fond of sending friendship, love, etc messages and Smsze is the great database of such this. They have tons of free SMS collections for making users mobile easy. below is the main category, there are many other messages highlighted in sub-category form.

  • Jokes
  • Fun
  • Festival
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Greetings
  • Sayings
  • Romance

5. Invite Friends :

You can easily invite your all friends directly via their latest data transferring technology. One can easily important friends information from services like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

6. Group SMS :

One can even enjoy the fantastic feature of free Group SMS, in which number users can share messages with in members joined. This function is very useful for bloggers, organisations, etc.

7. Online Phone book :

As we have contact list in Mobile, Smsze provides another facility of creating online phone book for flexibility of users, one can directly select the mobile number to send message.

This service is something which is worth trying, I’m already using and has already pleased with site’s ability. So friends, its recommended to try this and enjoy new features of mobile world.

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  1. Amit says:

    My experience with Smsze is just the opposite of what you have said in your review. I registered with Smsze only to find that I cannot login despite putting in the correct password. Then I asked for re-setting the password. Their website mentioned that the password has been sent to my mobile. But in actuality the they did not send the password to my mobile. Not once I tried several times and each time the result was the same. In fact Way2SMS is much better and efficient site. Smsze is no good and I would advise your review should reflect the correct picture. In fact I would go to the extent of saying it is downright awful.

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