SMSfi : Portal To Send Free Unlimited SMS [Review]

SMSfi is one of the brand new and free messaging service which recently shown on several television channels. The reason I bounded for reviewing this site is very genuine. For this is the only one portal which allows users to enjoy mobile messaging along with other functions and specifications like Online Alerts, Entertainment, Blogging, etc, all these features makes to stand out of crowd. You just need to register and do SMSfi Login. Question might arise that there are already many services available like Site2Smsthen why to opt for something new. But for your information, many of those service follows the rule of TRAI which already restricted users to send only 100 texts per day. While SMSfi got successful bypass to this limitation so that account holders can easily enjoy this advantage. SMSfi Login

Official Statement from CEO : “The whole fundamental look for is to provide unlimited utility and features for better entertainment which mostly many failed to survive in. Its an outlook for assimilation all tools and services which users & visitors can seek from one point and easily take full advantages of all those features. For the betterment, this website even provides flash games at larger proportion, then comes wallpapers, images, and much more which bounds user to stay on

Describing more, SMSfi adamantly proved that they are leader in Mobile Portal World, in short span of time this website has attained the glory of success by winning the users trust – converting them into testimonials. As this is the only service which rewards common mobile users with exclusive prizes for just active engagement. It is not counted as the industrial rival of websites like FullonSMS, SMS440, 160by2, etc which is very good news for all SMSfi users!

As stated, this service provides infinite functions including instant delivery, 160 characters support, time settings, etc. All those is listed below :

  • On time message delivery

One can easily send SMS from this website to other’s mobile and the delivery possess standard acceleration of 95% which is very high then normal, and its good.

  • 160 Characters Text

Is the only portal which allows users to send texts up to 160 Characters including standard symbols and alphabets.

  • No Ads

Unlike Way2Sms, this service doesn’t send advertisements in texts, as they have very good sponsors to support them.

  • Schedule SMS

You can easily set future timings to send texts on particular time which is automated. This Free schedule SMS service is very helpful to send texts on Birthdays, Anniversary, etc (Like on perfect 12 a.m) without extra efforts. Entertainment Options : SMSfi.comis mega portal and along with Free Messaging Service it even provides many other entertainment options which allows account users to have better engagement :

  • Online Flash Games

Games is what we all like, keeping this intention in mind the the website is highly featured with online games which is very interesting to play. So along with messaging you can always chill out your mind.

  • Job Portal

You can easily seek jobs included with : government, classified, etc.

  • Wallpapers

Indians are very fond of wallpapers, and for this betterment, they included Wallpaper of popular celebrities and its downloadable. And point to be noted is all the articles i.e images, music, etc are legally copyrighted

After knowing specifications and functions its time to register & login on SMSfi, below is full method described :

Note : Make sure you don’t have DND activated on your mobile

1. Just log on to SMSfi Registration and enter demanded information and Register

2. Now you will receive text code on your mobile, you need to enter that in order to verify yourself.

3. After successful registration you can do access your account (firstly you have to reset the password)

4. Now you are completely done and can easily send free messages on mobile

You can also create your e-contact list, can easily send multiple messages to friends and maintain the profile. User will get confirmed access to sent texts in future. Its very much concerned about privacy, its an confirmed assurance that your personal details will never be revealed to anyone for any condition.

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  1. sanjeet thakur says:

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    kai se hoga solve

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    i dont know what to do send im

  3. Rajesh Murmr says:

    this service is good for everybody.

  4. Suhas says:

    Thanks for nice info…
    If i want to call SMSsend method from my application, can i get the api for same .

  5. rafi13 says:

    Thanks for sharing SMSfi, good luck.

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    Great and valuable post. Nice this way you can send much more message to everyone. I think many other services are their like this.

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