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RocketDock is very well know and most popular animated dock application for Windows users. It is mainly the desktop customization software which enables us to design and give new look to our system. Basically, it can even be defined as simple and effective shortcut manager which launches applications in better manner with usability and flexibility. Well! I hope you are don’t need any introduction about this any more.

If you are new to this topic, then before going in deep, let you be informed with this app. It is one of the best animated and shortcut program launcher. My using this, you will be able to enjoy fine and clean icons which really changes your operating system’s look. Thus, its the perfect combination of animation and productivity.

RocketDock Icons

Now, after getting knowledge about this soft, it time add more uniqueness in the same by using these Icons for RocketDock, with which users will able to install designs with their own style. In this article, I have mentioned about handful of icons pack and an simple tutorial on how to install it. So to know more, keep on reading.

Firstly, there are tons of free package which is available in market, it all depends upon users so that you can download the same according to your own choice.

Features :

Specifications variants depending upon the vendor or creator of dock’s icon, but there’s some common features which is seen in these packs which is described below:

  • Easy to apply and use
  • Various categories are available including : 3D , Animated and so
  • Handy and very portable
  • Gives more better desktop customization

1. RocketDock Tech Icons (3 Dimensional )

These is one of the best and unofficial invention made by the forum members. It an mega pack of 3D icons which is completely meant to add extra graphics and customization for your computer. You can easily use this package and make your system look like perfect and comfortable with this product. Just download and enjoy.

3D icons for Rocketdock

2. Black And White :

Are a classic and geek lover,  There are varieties of custom designs included in this package. This type is well suitable for almost any type of theme. It contain major type of icons supporting computer, desktop, mobile, etc

Back and White Icons packs

3. 4D Icons :

Here comes another fantastic yet free package which is stuffed with 4 Dimensional graphics to give your computer new and fabulous outlook which you have ever imaged of. This has subcategory of Cinema type design and thus logo are designed keeping same intension in mind. It has more than hundred things in one pack.

4D icons free

4. Red Package :

As the name itself indicates, its the free and mega pack which contains Red files, this gives perfect feel if you love some dark color and such, if you are among one, then apply this, you will surely love it.

How to Install :

This process is quite simple and easy, and I guess many of you already know for how to install and apply it. Though, Its my responsibility to provide an tutorial for those readers who don’t know about this procedure. Just follow below detailed steps :

  1. Download files from the above sources
  2. Just just go the dock’s shortcut on your desktop and do right click
  3. Now, click on “Icons Settings” and select the target of the downloaded files
  4. Now select the desired icon and hit OK
  5. Yippee! You are successfully done.

Hence, the only verdict I can derive is using this type of applications and extra customization can really make your desktop look out of the world and somewhat little bit unique also. I already use this tool for my Windows 7 Os and it works completely fine for me. I hope by reading this review and procedure you had surely made the mind. If you found any problem while installing, then please do comment, I’ll solve my readers’ query soon.

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