Nimbuzz Login & Sign UP for Online Web Chat

Nimbuzz is online based service which allows users to enjoy free web and mobile chat. It can be concluded as all in one social network chatting application for mobile and computer which includes major types of websites namely, Facebook, Google Chat, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc.

Thus,  you can easily access all this multiple messaging tools at a time directly from one source. Today, we have described about how you can easily perform a Nimbuzz Login and also have described some of the steps for Nimbuzz Sign Up or registration.

Its not only limited as instant messenger but it is something more than that, which is the main reason for this app is loved my many mobile addicts.

Yes! Nimbuzz users can enjoy free mobile calling service (within members) featuring with high quality voice quality. Apart from that you can even use Video Calling function if you phone is 3G enabled and receiving high-packet data.

Nimbuzz Login

Specifications :

Using Nimbuzz is completely free, one can use the same from mobile as well as computer, with or without any prior application. Though, for enjoying higher level services you have to download app onto your mobile which is further classified in Java, Symbian, Android, etc category.

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As of now, any one can call Nimbuzz users for free only when he or she is online. Users can even use NimbuzzOut service which allows users to call anybody, anywhere at very cheap rates with clear crystal voice quality.

  • Use free & multiple chatting service : FB Chat, Google Talk, etc
  • Instant access to Nimbuzz Login
  • Free and Online Web Chat
  • Call any other users without paying any extra penny
  • Can use your own personal SIP system
  • Download app for free

Nimbuzz Sign UP Account :

There are several ways for doing Nimbuzz Sign In and I’ll be describing all those ways. First, its necessary to Nimbuzz Sign Up on this network for using their fabulous specifications. Just follow mentioned simple steps.

1. Create your own Account on Nimbuzz from your PC

Nimbuzz Sign Up

2. Provide all the basic information demanded, then click on “Nimbuzz Sign Up”

3. You will receive verification code or link onto your email address (which you submitted above)

3. Now, you can modify your profile and other settings.

4. Its almost done, you are one of the successful member of this free service.

You have just registered the account on Nimbuzz now its time to access the real service by installing mobile and computer apps. I have described the whole procedure which is meant to use this best Instant Messenger on your mobile.

  • Install Nimbuzz Application on your mobile
  • Then, enter the login information which we created in starting only
  • After sign in, you will see many other online media namely Facebook, Google, etc
  • You have to include those account’s details (username and password) from the app
  • Its done! Just follow the same for all services
  • Now, you can enjoy online web chat from all major sites

As I stated above also, there are few many methods with which users can do Nimbuzz Sign In. The suitability and flexibility for the same is all depends upon  you.

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Nimbuzz Login for Online Web Chatting:

After the process of Nimbuzz Sign UP now I wll show you the standard and basic way to access your account, with this you will not be able to enjoy instant messaging service (you can download Nimbuzz PC Application) but users can still call to other people if you have NimbuzzOut enabled.

Nimbuzz Sign In

  • Just visit Nimbuzz Login page and submit the details (User Id and password)
  • Then hit “Enter” and their you will see your profile.

Another classic method which is very useful for users is using the account directly from Mobile. There is great facility of WAP service which is very handy and flexible to use.

Again with this, you will not be able to enjoy chatting but can surely make phone calls with the help of premium service. Just go through below mentioned steps

  • Do Nimbuzz Login to your WAP Account
  • Then you can use the international or nation calling function
  • Note : One can use PC or Mobile as per your choice

Features of Nimbuzz Sign In :

As mentioned above also, this is the online tool which comes with many fantastic specifications for the flexibility of their members. Just with internet connectivity users will able to access of their features without paying any extra charges.

a) Connect Anywhere : Stay tuned with your friends with instant chatting an sharing files

b) Free Calling : You can call any or every Nimbuzz user for free

c) Chat Rooms & Group : One can easily create their own chat rooms and invite others

d) Multiple Player Games : Theirs tons of online and challenging and interesting free games.

e) Socialize : Members can proudly customize their profile, send personal messages and so.

This is some what premium calling service introduced officially. Here, you have to load some money (via debit or credit card) into your account. Then you can use this best and cheap international calling to mobile and land-line.

  • Cut up to 95% of phone calls bills
  • Access from anywhere
  • Pay-as-you-go costs
  • Use this feature directly from phone

Note : To enjoy NimbuzzOut you need to do Nimbuzz Sign UP and Login to have extra powerful internet connectivity i.e UTMS or 3G network, Wi-Fi is also advisable.

Hence, this is universal tool which is meant for betterment of members and users. As it provides specifications like Instant Messaging, Chatting, Calling, Social Networking, etc into one application.

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  1. Manoj says:

    kindly help me out,i forgot my nimbuzz user name and password now i am unable to creat new account,i m just trying for new account but it is refeleting this user already exists,kindly help me out eighter give my old id password or make able me to creat new account,thanx

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    Pardon after i fill the blanks

  7. smile says:

    When i fill blankets and fill passwords as director said after push create new account it says ur password doesnt correct,but i fill as if they wants me then i cant register.

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  9. I want to make ID on Nimbuzz

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    hi,i already download nimbuzzin my nokia asha 305 phone,but myproblem is everytime i open nimbuzz the application is not connected at this time!what should i do?is there any problem with my internetconnection? pls teach me,thank you so much

  11. sadik says:

    I forgot my nimbuzz email and registered mobile number. And also forgot password. So now what can i do??

  12. Nishikanta Pradhan says:

    i can not open the my facebook account in the mobile in nimbuzz software. Because at the time of open there are many errors are created. there written as we can not connected in to you in to the facebook for connected try after sometime. so what can i do.

  13. hermelen drapiza robis says:

    i want too have this site too find more frnds

  14. Shiva @ Wordpress Tips says:

    Nimbuzz is certainly a must have for anyone who does internet browsing a lot from their mobiles. I too do have nimbuzz installed in my cell phone and enjoy using it while I am out of station and cannot carry my laptop or tab. On the other hand about the premium calling service, I have yet to use it but I would still prefer skype then this for calling though.

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