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FullonSMS, often recognized as best clone (alternatives) for free mobile messaging websites. This is one of the finest online portal where users can easily enjoy mobile texts all over India as well as can access other Hindi SMS(s), Jokes, etc.

Loaded with tons of extra admiring features, its the only reason which makes this site stand out of crowds. Back launched in 2009, it now covers tens of millions of account users which clearly proves its strong abilities.

Revealing my personal info, I love doing SMS(s) and at the same time derive all the minute details for such websites.

Now, when I initially tasted FullonSMS it just won my interest and started using this service as the main base leaving previously used sites i.e Way2SMS .You might be wondering for the reason behind that decision and to know same, keep on reading.

Functions and other specifications played vitally an important role for moving ahead to this site. Below you can find intense details covering from registration process to other information. One can find infinite amount of qualities which is perfectly needed for average to high level user.

It satisfies members’ trust by providing exactly needed functions which many other providers lack in same. High-tech advancements including instant delivery, advertisement free messages, easy usability, etc are included in FullonSMS.

FullonSMS Login

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  • Send free SMS anywhere in India (International service is not yet available)
  • No delay in delivery on text
  • Void of using any ads in your message
  • Maximally allows 160 characters
  • Uses your own phone number’s Sender ID
  • Create SMS Channels
  • Function to create online phone-book
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications are available
  • Very stable servers
  • Strict privacy policy for member’s betterment

FullonSMS Sign UP :

After getting introduced with site’s features and specifications its time to move ahead with registering on FullonSMS. Though, the process in little bit easy to follow, I have mentioned all the basic and advance steps. 1. Start with FullonSMS Register, following from your browser. 2. Enter all the basic and required details including :

  • Full Name :
  • Date of Birth :
  • Email Id :
  • City :
  • Mobile No. :
  • Agree with terms and condition and click on “Create Account”

3. Now, you will receive account’s Login ID and password with which you can use the service

4. Then, users have to update their password and other information.

5. Finally, members can anytime send free SMS by doing FullonSMS Login You are completely done and have registered with this portal and did successful sign in. One must agree inevitably that you can easily cut off your mobile bills.

There are several methods for following FullonSMS Sign In process. All steps are very easy to follow and remember for users, as there’s nothing technical about this site. 2. Submit your cell number (User ID) and password which we created in above mentioned step.

FullonSMS Sign In 3. Doing so, will give complete access to your account once again.

FullonSMS.com Features :

Mobile App (Java) : FullonSMS does provide mobile version of application for better users engagement. Members can easily use this app onto their mobile (enabled with internet connection) and enjoy free texts from any where.

  • Product from official source
  • Works with any model
  • Remembering function
  • Better flexibility for users

Desktop Software : One can enjoy any-time access to this service by installing this desktop client. While using the same, you will still be able to enjoy all specifications.

  • Very handy and easy to use
  • Gives 24×7 online service
  • No compromise with functions
  • Multiple sending option enabled

Initially, I made you introduced with some common qualities which generally users seeks for. Now, I’ll reveal the advanced and technical functions  which will amuse our readers. From pin to jet, you can utilize more things from this portal, same have been detailed below.

a) Create SMS Groups : Members, can create groups to send single message to tons of users at a time. This is must required thing for any company or individual.

b) Reminders : Same like that we have in mobiles’ organizer, you can set up some self-message at definite time, this works as perfect reminder as you will get the SMS about your important things. eg. timings, meetings, etc

c) Full Characters : Unlike Way2SMS members gets 160 characters texts while sending messages. It definitely means, no irritation of any advertisements.

d) Privacy Lock : One can anytime block self number from getting any further SMS(s) from media. This clearly shows how conscious they are about member’s privacy.

e) Save Mobile Bills : Members can use this free provider for professional use which will obviously result in money savings. As you have application, more flexibility can be used. For conclusion, I can say, you must start using FullonSMS.com instead of others. This provider assimilates all the features and functions which is required for a happy mobile user and has successfully parted its role as best clone (alternative) for similar website.

Cons and Pros of FullonSMS :

Now, you people might have been interested to know what are the benefits and disadvantages of using FullonSMS for your personal as well as business uses, I have described it with a detailed guide for you guys. Their are many advantages while only few disadvantages which I would like to mention here, have a look below :

No Advertisement : This is the feature which I had mentioned above also, this function is the best plus point of using FullonSMS.com as it shows that they want engagement with users unlike others which shows a short advertisement into user’s text which is surely very much annoying according to me. I hope you also think the same.

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Block Number in FullonSMS : If you are getting any spam type of SMS from their user? Then this feature is surely for you . With this you can register your number into their website and they will block the number, just follow this link and learn how to do it. In the same way if you think that now you have to unblock the number from their database, then also visit the same link and follow the further process guided into the site.

Now, its time to reveal what are the advantages of using FullonSMS, well this thing I don’t have to mention here but being a part of the fair and pure review about the site, I must write this thing here. Recently, on 12/01/2013 their website was down for three to four days as a part of maintenance purpose which is again not good, because they were completely unable to provide their service in these days saying they will be back in few days giving you much better service, in fact I found nothing new and exciting after that update, they just changed the interference, that’s it. So again these type of things shows their unprofessional-ism.

Again, I can’t tell this thing with full assurance, but these type of free ms website like FullonSMS, mostly share and sell their database to advertisers to get bunch of amount which is extremely bad. But again we are not sure of this that FullonSMS.com is doing this, we are just making you aware with such type of things which also happens in online web industry.

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  1. sonu kumar says:

    generally idontuse any website. i want to use fullonsms.com website and send free sms to my friend.

  2. sonu kumar says:

    generally i am sending sms to my friends. i am seing this service .

  3. Lavanya says:

    Generally I use way2sms or 160by2 for sensing sms to my friends. I will have a look at this service

  4. Generally I use way2sms or 160by2 for sensing sms to my friends. I will have a look at this service

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    I think this website has lots of good and informative contents related to SMS websites..
    Yeah, these media do help to send free SMS online and also provide lots of other features.

    Thanks for the detailed and interesting post. :)

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