How to Stop & Block Unwanted Emails

Emails are one the best and most used communication medium among web users which is being used from decades long. But in previous few years attacks of spamming has touched the sky and is increasing day-by-day. So many netizens are really fed up with these and demand to stop unwanted emails easily. Though there are several method to do so, but many people are unaware of applying better security.

Many users wants that their inbox looks clean with some important mails but with the advent of spam you can’t fulfill this wish and finally you break-up. So its better to took few extra step ones, and stay simple & enjoyable e-mails.

Spam mails often makes your account messy and increase the potential security & privacy risks which can really harm your computer or laptop, so its always advisable to take secure steps against these spams by blocking them.

  • Makes your account dirty
  • Unknown fear of web exploits
How to stop unwanted emails

Now, its time to deal with worthy information for how you can easily stop unwanted emails to arrive in your inbox. Well! for different mail providers, you need to work with alter process, like gmail and MSN doesn’t works on same method. Thus, full tutorial for all providers is described below :

Google Mail, is the one having widest amount of users, and its the same, which is chosen by many spammers and web exploiters, so if you want yourself on safer side, then just follow below two steps :

i) One of the finest method is marking the targeted message as Spam and Google will never stuff your inbox again with same provider’s email.

Stop Unwanted Emails in Gmail

ii) Secondly, you can take the advantages of Filter feature which is officially provided by Google. Though this function is meant for better usability of service but we can still use it for blocking purpose.

a) First, you have to open the undesired email, then head to “Filter Messages Like This” :

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

b) Then chose the convenient filters highlighted below :

Stop Junk Emails In Gmail

Now, you will never get messages from same provider, you can use this method number of times, on different spammers.

Though we don’t have any official proof, but its said that Yahoo Mail is world’s most insure service which is self exploited. Later, its the #1 target of spam workers and Yahoo don’t have better filter to fight with those, in such condition we even don’t have much information for you to provide.

Though, you can always, mark unwanted emails as Spam and their servers will further don’t let any future messages from that provider into your inbox.

Block Unwanted Mails in Yahoo

Hotmail by Microsoft is one of the popular e-mail service provider having great filters and working functions to delete spam from whole database. They take junk very seriously and provides their users great emailing experience. You can easily block junk emails in Hotmail using below process :

i) While accessing inbox, whenever you come across any undesired message then you can instantly mark it as junk by pressing (continues) : Ctrl*Shift*J, doing so will prevent that provider to send you future unwanted texts.

ii) As I stated that MSN has better security features one can create filters in Hotmail same as we did in Gmail, just follow below path for applying active filters :

Inbox > Option > More > Preventing Junk Email > Safe and Blocked Senders > Add suspected providers address

Now, you will not receive any further emails from that blocked domain, this is the best function of using Microsoft Mail Service.

Prevent Junk Emails in Hotmail

Fighting with junk emails has its own advantages, you can concentrate well onto your business, work, office, etc without keeping much stress about your inbox.

Advantages :

  • Doesn’t consumes much server memory
  • No tension about web exploitation
  • Keeps your Inbox clean and simple
  • Better functionality with your mails
  • Keeps your privacy safe and better

Its always recommended to apply above mentioned counter backs to stop unwanted emails easily and please let us know if you another method to prevent spam via comments

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