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160by2 is another old yet fantastic website which is mainly used to send free SMS on Mobile. Its the only media which is online since 2006 and has been serving up-to 12 Million people worldwide. The reason I set my mind to review this portal is its features and professional which is lacking in most of the upcoming media, but 160by2.com is very much conscious about your privacy and personal data. As I notified, this service is intensively reliable for users, it even provides text delivery in no time (live) unlike Smsze, Smsfi and FullonSMS which is worth noting. Further, there servers are very strong for ensuring best experience and no downtime which sending message . You can even opt to save your high bills by using official Mobile Application. 160by2 Login

Features :One can access and utilize great features and functions including instant delivery, advertisement free texts, highly personal message, no privacy leakage, full control over account and much more which is described below :

  • No Ads & supports 140 characters
  • Send messages with out limit
  • Free form privacy issues
  • Optimized for mobile screen use
  • Instant registration
  • Powerful service for up-time
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How to Register and Sign In to 160by2 ?

After getting familiar with features its time to  follow  process, I’m already using their free service and at the same time recommending you to do same. Just follow below steps : 1. For a start, Register on 160by2 from your computer, don’t worry it only takes 2 minutes 2. Now submit following information including Name, Mobile Number, State, etc 160by2 Register

3. Now you’ll receive password on your mobile in the format of four digits.

4. Then, follow 160by2 Login process and change your password.

5. Hurry! your account is live and completely ready to use.

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160by2 Features & Functions :

Now users can easily send free SMS to friends, family members or mainly to girl friends ;)  without paying any extra SMS packs charges and wasting any further penny.

Extra Features : It comes with many other extra function which is needed by users like mobile app and desktop client for better flexibility & usability. I have detailed those features in points :

1.  Mobile Application : Users can even use this app and can easily access their account for enjoy continuous messaging, for doing so, you’ll need any GPRS enabled phone for connectivity. Therefore, its highly advisable to make activate any free internet pack provided by service provider. <link>

2. PC/Computer Client : If you are always connected to SMS world? then this software is meant for those. Just download PC client from above link and install it onto your system, then directly access your account without much efforts.<link>

3. Manage Phone-book : This site does provide the feature of contact lists so that you need to enter same information further. So, enjoy this common but useful feature and make your experience more better.

4. Unlimited Messages : As described above also, you can evidently enjoy free as well as unlimited SMS in whole India. And theirs no obstacle of rules (one can only send hundred messages per day) which is implemented by government. But, sorry to say you can’t enjoy international service.

So folks, for conclusion I just need to tell that 160by2.com is more of the top most and widely used website by Indian users so, it worth something to check out. And I hope you liked this clean and clear review, please do comment and share your experience on this article of 160by2

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