Windows 8 Desktop Backgrounds & Wallpapers

We all are aware with that, Windows 8 is the latest and up coming operating system from the soul Microsoft which is the leader of other OS too. It is already released with its pre-review version for developers but has not yet available for general users and customers, though its an great craze for Win8 as well as its Wallpapers which on the demand of many people has been stolen from the official system.

This is the same what, I’m posting here. In the pre-review version, their has been found many errors in the OS thus, at the advice of users are now not allowed to use it, but thank to god, that I copied Wallpapers in my hard drive and its the same I am presenting here. We all are now being keen to view the thrilling which is customized, this all images and backgrounds are HD (High Definition) and the great thing is that, all are allowed to download it freely as its on an open license. The quality and design of all the images are finely good and is fit to screen for your current system

Its been noted that all the pictures below, is not copyrighted to us, credits goes to real author or reveler. These below articles can be of fake source and we don’t take any responsibility  for those. 1. Windows 8 Official Image : This is the official from the soul Microsoft, thus this is categorized at first number, and its the rumors that this below will the only image that will come in the last launch of the same operating system.


2. Win8 Ultimate : This is the Ultimate version background of the operating system, have the same classic and finished look as that of Windows 7, the perfect, the great logo, are the base features of the b

Windows 8 Ultimate

3. Windows Eight Professional This is the professional one, just having the professional from the one side, and the shining effect is brilliancy to the background, and the two lines have the glitter look is so awesome to suit your system at desktop.

Windows 8 Professional Wallpaper

4. Dark Blue Having based, the attractive blue color wallpaper is according to me an unofficial one, but it just suits the desktop for having blue-shady look from the one side and drak from another

Windows 8 Blue

5. W8 Inspired Version This is just the suitable background for the OS having cheesy for the system background, its suits the desktop the most, just have a look below :

Windows 8 Next generation

7.  Nerd

Windows Eight Hazel

So friends, please do put your comments and these are the shared and only available Windows 8 Wallpapers in the whole search engines, just have a look to all and you can freely download to your computer

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  1. Ahsan says:

    wow….awesome collection of Windows 8 picture :) which users can download. All backgrounds is just awesome.

    • Krishna Parmar says:

      Yes Ahsan! these backgrounds is nice one, i personally use. Glad u liked it :)

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