Top 5 Services to Shorten Link URL

Often we come over things that need to be hided. Consider a situation when you don’t want to reveal your real link and want to send it to friend or enemy.  Its online program which can convert real  into small and portal-able one and you can easily redirect to be hided.

Its one of the easiest task you can do, it has lots of benefits if observed clearly. If you need to do redirect another to the user you can use this online program. It is maximally used to convert long into small one. If you are interested in this e-tool, then read out below post.

Actually, there’s many  which offers you to shorten your web address, but you need to choose the perfect one which deals with better features and function and up time servers too. For your obligation I researched whole web, and seek-ed best one available.

1. Google Shortening (Goo.Gl) :

Though this is late provided, but its Google product so we can image about its perfections. Lots are unique features & functions are included in Goo.Gl, and the latest technology is just immense. It provides shortening service which super fast servers.

Features :

  • You can shorten long
  • Multiple task feature
  • Saves your previous history
  • Tracks visitors to your links

2. Bitly  Shortener ( :

Talking about Bitly, its one of the oldest e-tool available in market, online since 2001. It provides more then required functions for their users. One can easily shorten long web address and can seek history and tracks for same. One can shorten, track and share on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But according this service doesn’t success-ed to filter spammers, its the only draw back. So, enjoy service of shorten link

Bit Ly

Features :

  • Online Since 2001
  • Easily to use
  • Multilevel Shortener
  • One touch sharing on Facebook
  • Track visitors and more

3. IsGd Compressor (

New (Since 2011)  which allows you to compress in better way. Its my opinion not to trust new things, this is something which really worth. Lots of new features and better tools makes out standing. You can easily short your link and consequently can popularize it any where you wish. It has only one disadvantages : can’t filters spammers


Advantages :

  • Proving better since started
  • API and other functions
  • Better filters
  • Tracking facilities
  • Better Servers

4. Snip URL ( :

Free Shortener having tons of advantages. If you need to short links in bulk then this online tool is the perfect option you can opt for. One can even create pin security  with which you can enjoy the sureness of  privacy even. Until and unless one provide that pin, then only one can access the page.

Snip Url

Pros :

  • Bulk Shortener
  • Up time & private servers
  • Online since 2010
  • Register & Log in features
  • Pin security feature
  • And much more..

5. Ow Ly  Shortening  (

This e-tool remains at last for me, because of some draw back of this system. Ow Ly can shorten URL, but one need to pass with security check of captcha which is very irritating for me and I think for you its the same. It even requires you to compulsorily register with site and then Log in harassment. So I don’t recommend to go with this slow service.


Disadvantages :

  • Security pass of captcha
  • Register and Login needed
  • New in field
  • All these makes this tool ineffective

As mentioned earlier also, there are many online sites which provides same service of shortening  but there are many reasons for which you need to opt for best. If you go with any insecure site (running bad scripts) then you might face future problems.

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  1. Kate says:

    Only one I regularly use is, and I love it for its speed and reliability. Just paste the link and it generates short URL in blink of an eye – without even a click. :) Love it.

  2. Satyakam Pradhan says:

    I think these 5 services are really great and I am aware about a few only.

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