SMS GupShup Login : Group SMS Messaging with Enterprise

SMS GupShup Enterprise, provides new service of Group Messaging defining from personal to business level and all for free. You can easily enjoy social networking with your friends, over text on mobile.

This is managed by Indian Technology and thus SMS is limited to same country only. This website has clean and easy to use user interference and since this is based with Mobile they even have clear usability in small screen.

SMS GupShup

With this one can easily create SMS Group and can add as many members to that and enjoy sharing like that of Facebook and Twitter. As far as the features is considered you can use messaging service free of charge.

This website is one of the largest commercial which provides messaging over mobile phones, one can easily subscribe, share and continue to use their features. One can add friends, family, etc to this self made network to work as personal use. GupShup is even beneficial to send updates on the basis of Business purposes.

Sms Gupshup Enterprise


  • Group SMS Service on large base
  • Add unlimited number of members
  • Share updates, broadcast, texts, etc to millions of friends
  • Schedule text for future
  • All Indian language is supported
  • Flash is enabled
  • Up to 150 character available
  • And much more!

This website has great feature of Flash , with this option enabled, the receiver will get pop up text, like that we get from service providers. That Schedule text option is even fantastic for we can set the future timings and it will be definitely delivered.

You are now enough updated about the features and functions, now its time to create your own free from mobile or official website. One can easily create, manage and update group from mobile as well as site, Below is the steps described:

  1. Make your own by sending text to 567678 with contents CREATE NAME
  2. Now invite your friends by sending : INVITE addno1, addno2… to above number
  3. Invited members can subscribe by sending : JOIN GroupName 
  4. To recommend it send : SHARE name 

You can even accomplish this above listed tasks, by their online website so that one need not to worry about text purpose, using their site is much easy, as they have better interference. Below is the process described :

  1. Visit SMS GupShup and Click on Sign Up
  2. Now fill up your personal information including name, mobile no, address, etc
  3. Click on Create Account and then confirmation
  4.  Now follow on the process of creating group

One of the biggest limited of this service is, you can only create one group allowed per account, and the texts can only be sent in India. The group owner can only post and send texts to the subscribed members and can work as pod-caster.

The content limited is up to 150 words and remaining is used for sponsoring purpose, its an nice for both personal and business use and needs to worth try.

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