SMS Bomber for Android (apk) Mobile

Android is one of the open source operating system running on many mobiles, its of course loaded with many applications like SMS Bomber. It is basically an program which performs the task of text spamming for any mobile. It can be prank to impress friends or to irritate enemies.

Most of the free text spammer is not working in countries like India, Pakistan and so. This is first on web application for Android (apk) I am sharing on this blog. I have described about two mobile apps, one is for normal java mobiles and another is for Androids.

Note : This article is only meant for knowledge purpose, its advised to use this service for just small pranks only. For any misusing we are not responsible.

This is just an apk you need to download and install in your mobile, the further process is very easy for you to understand. But its highly noticeably that the texts which is sent to the victims mobile are not free.

SMS Bomber for Android

So, before using this text spamming software make sure that you have plans unlimited so that you will not face any further balance related problems :)


  • Configure the limit of texts
  • Choose multiple contacts
  • One stop option for spamming
  • Instant sending of SMS
  • Remember the last used option
  • One touch access to contacts
  • Featured with number Counter

So just download this application and install in you mobile, and start the magic to show on your friends and victims.


How To Use

To use this SMS spammer is much easy task, though for the novice people, I am describing the easy steps, just follow the steps and enjoy :
  1. Download and install the above mentioned software for Android
  2. After the installation is completed, just go in application and open the software
  3. Enter the number of messages you want to send.
  4. Now enter the contents of your message
  5. Now submit the victim’s contact number
Note : The texts you are sending is not freely available from the application, it will be charged from your telecom company tariff, the text charges will be like normal one (not standard one) so you can enable the free packs by contacting your telecom operator.
So folks, I hope you enjoyed this, and will surely try this application to prank with your friends and nothing extra, just use it and if you have any problem then please do comment
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