RocketDock for Windows 8 to Download Free is an great application having the capacity to give your desktop best look and design then ever. Powering with animation, icons, colors, docks, etc is what RocketDock  is all about. With this customization software you can easily handle all your shortcuts like video, images, programs, etc in an better enjoyable way. This has the best capacity to give your computer an new general user interference.

This new version comes with much more features adding with more functionality, power, icons, 3D images, screen savers, shortcuts, etc. This all is meant to just customize the desktop. You can easily and freely download this application which is an freeware available for all users.

Docks is basically the word having origin from Mac Operating System, that desktop has an perfect mouse hovering icons program which gives users an perfect pleasure when used. It is like when you will point the mouse on it, will give an customization effect, this feature is not pre-installed in the Windows OS officially, so we need to take the support of third-party software

RocketDock for windows 8

With the more updates, more-n-more features and specialty is being added to give users new eyes-pleasing effects and great animations and 3rd Dimension (3D) glowing.

  • New animations effects
  • 3D icons hovering
  • Better Preview
  • Automatic hiding and showing feature
  • Transparent background
  • New just drag then drop UI
  • More RocketDock Skin’s
  • New pop-up facility.
  • Much handy and portable in size.
  • Less power and system memory consumer

Thus the much good possible feature is less system memory consumption, most of the docks available in the web, use much Random Access Memory (RAM) which gives inhibitory effect to your system. But RocketDock is like those memory consuming applications.

As described above also, this customization application is freely available as this is an freeware software. Below is the direct-download link and system requirements is given.

  • Name : ObjectDock
  • Size : 10 MB apx.
  • Type : Free
  • Download Link (freeware)

Here is the process described for how you can do the customization of desktop. Though the stsps are very easy to be predictable, but I though to highlight for some novice user/s.

  • Download and Install the application from the above link.
  • Just making sure, that you system is eligible with the above asked requirements
  • During installation select, automatic and not custom one.
  • Now click on Next and then Finish
  • Now you can easily manage the icons, appearance, skins, transparency, 3D effects, hovers, etc.
  • You are done with customizing your windows operating system

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this application which is greatly meant to get more attractive design to our system.  Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

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