How to Create Google Labs SMS Channels

Google Labs – the provider of tons of developer applications and features brings another great function of creating SMS Channels.

This is basically a type of free subscription service which gives you access to tons of texts about : Jokes, Music, Horoscope, Tips, etc. Going afar, this service is now jumped in blogging industry. Previously, Bloggers were using terms like Email Subscription, RSS, etc but now they can use text to update readers.

Google Labs SMS Channels

Its all about creating free group where anonymous amount of users can subscribe. You can create the channel for any purpose : for providing updates, jokes, news, updates, quotas, etc. Once, you create with the program you can easily refer friends or family members for subscribing to your free service.

What is Google SMS Channel and How it Works ?

Its a free service which allows users to subscribe to channel and get regular information about various things, just like we connect with RSS reader.

In Google SMS Subscription List one can easily found tons of such groups seeking to provide and get more members into their groups.

Once member connects with certain group lets say about News, then he/she will get regular updates for same in his/her mobile unless and until the service is stopped by provider.

Features :

  • No charges imply for subscription
  • Can connect with any group
  • No spamming
  • Regular texts to your mobile
  • Free jokes, horoscopes, etc
  • And much more.

Now you can create your own free SMS channel which will provide you to manage members, post updates or the topics, your group is about.

In sense, one can become admin of the group and one can even grow mobile followers by posting anything i.e Blogger can post about latest updates and so. Read out below steps to setup your own group :

1. For a start, log on to Homepage with your current Google Accounts.

2. After logging in, you can easily see many other channels on various niche.

3. Then, in sidebar you can see “Create Channel” their just select “Try Now”

4. Now you need to fill out some basic information needed to create your own SMS channel.

Set Up Google SMS Channel

  • Name : In put channel name and check for availability
  • Description : Just an short bio about your brand new group
  • Category : Select the topic that your topics match with.
  • Location : Just select your location or you can choose “other”
  • Source: Choose the source from where you will provide information to users
  • Schedule : Set timing and text will be sent to members at that time only
  • Publishing : It means that who can post the SMS
  • Subscribers : Just select about members, who can connect to your group

5.  Its almost done! just agree with their terms

6.  Now click on “Create Channel” and you are done.

Once your free SMS channel is created you don’t need to post updates via mobile texts. You still can send or update your group from online website and this service is only available in India (for now) and languages supported is English, Hindi, Tamil, etc. One can even search new channels from mobile phones, they just need to text : SEARCH and send it to “9-8-7-0-8-0-7-0-7-0″ removing (-)

I must say, that this service works same as that of feeds – one gets instant updates in email. In this groups, one gets post updated in mobile message in box.

Since, Blogging industry is suffering tough competition, you need to keep pace with mobiles even, to keep oneself more engage with readers and to bring more traffic.

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