Cool Windows 8 Gadgets For Desktop

Windows 8 is one of the latest and not yet released operating system powered by Microsoft. In spite its not yet launched, users have started to show keen interest in its themes, icons, etc. Though the material is not from official source, people then also download and use it. Meanwhile, when  talking about Windows 8 Developer Version, we noted some of its Gadgets for Desktop.

As from now, we can’t use the developer version, but our experts have searched and created same Windows 8 Gadgets as it is in official OS. You can freely download it from our unofficial source and can easily install into your current system. As its again being noted the provided, is not from Microsoft (for time being) When we get access to original applications we will promptly update this post.

We all like, if our system looks something like dashing, loaded with many features. Well now this is possible with, you can always keep pace with the latest technology, information and details, etc

Features :

  • New and Stylistic Effects
  • Fast Loading and Less RAM consuming
  • With 3D effects and reflections
  • Easy to use functions
  • Number of slides available
  • And Much More.

Previously, this feature was only allowed at Mac’s OS but now as Microsoft realized the need and have implemented this function in its all up coming operating systems. One can really sense nice look and appearance ones enabled

Below, I listed some cool & awesome gadgets for Windows 8 OS, you can download it for free and can run on your system. Just have a look below :

1. Clock Gadget :

One of the classic gadget i ever used, one which gives perfect sense as clock. Their are many version but the one i mostly like is simple and clean which is obtained in-built. <Link >

2. CPU Meter  :

One of the program we always need to CPU meter, it basically describes all the internal process which is going on in system and describes the RAM and System memory usage. <Link>

3. Windows 8 Calender :

This is another tool, i most probably noticed is Calender Gadget, so I though to list it here. You can see the dates and days from below listed one. <Link>

4. Win8 Weather Gadget :

With weather tool, you can get information and live forecasts from any corner of the world of anything. Mostly these programs details you will approximate temperature, relative and future warnings and much more. You can even set your own location and get the info. for same. You can download : <Link>

5. Games Widget :

When you feel boredom, Win 8 Games is the best option. Thanks to latest technology, even the finest games is now loaded in small widgets. I listed some interesting games which you might like to play, just have a look. Please install from : <Link>

So folks, above is listed tons of gadgets for your desktop, just have fine look towards all widgets and download it free. Please have your comment here.

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  1. ketan says:

    hey how to run gadgets in windows 8……?

  2. Veronica says:

    I’m waiting for windows 8 tablets very eagerly. It seems like windows 8 tablets will give tough competition to iPad

  3. Ahsan says:

    wow..lots of Gadget on Windows 8. Just awesome collection :)

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