Docks for Windows 7 – Download Free [Top 5]

Windows 7 is one of the greatest operating system with many fantastic features and customization, but frankly speaking our lust for more decorations and design is still not fulfilled. So, here comes the best Docks which you can use for Windows 7 os which will let you customize your system at the peak. Docks are the simple software which has the true capacity to customize and then give better view to the system.

By customization, it means that you have the whole control of the design and look performance, you can easily alter icons, themes, images, blinds, task bar, background wallpaper, menu, etc

Though their are many dock applications available in web, but you need to be aware with the top one having best features and function which gives the best results to the users. Below is the full list provided for all the customization application as per your requirements.

This is one of the top rated app meant to give new look to your operating system, this software deals with new icons, shortcuts, hover effect, 3D effects, backgrounds, etc. With easy settings and usability for the users, this one comes with many RocketDock Skins and Icons for getting more beautiful effect.This program is very handy to use, and it consumes very less random access memory of your system.

rocketdock for windows

2. StarDock ObjectDock 

One of the great alternative to the above listed application, having same features but more function-ability for all the users. This one is freely available having specifications of changing icons, themes, menu bar, gadgets, hovering, etc. are the mind-blasting utilities to work with. For better navigation, new shortcuts and the glittering effect is just the awesome.

Objectdock for Windows 7

3. CircleDock

This is something new and unique one in front of the users, this is an normal dock having circle effect, very nice rotating effect with advanced hovering. Then it works same as that of the above two applications, You can choose among the circle theme, background color, images, icons, glitter, animations, etc and can put all your imagination with the help of this program.

Windows 7 CircleDock

4. Dell Dock

Dell Dock

This is the simple program which is same as those of the above listed, but though some users have keen for this software. So I decided to post this one also. Having animation effect, hovering, icons, etc are featured. Their are many available animation and hovering options for the users to use with. This application is powered by Dell in association with StarDock Company.

5.  xWindows Dock

xwindows dock

One of the unique one available in the market. This is finely designed Win 7 Dock having plugins support. Some of the highly featured effects are bouncing, animation, mouse touch effect, shortcuts, 3d look, etc. With installation of this program, your system appearance will get new boost and you will love to have, for its eye-pleasing attraction.

These above listed program runs with same system needs, so this requirements is generally applicable for all the docks. Same is listed below :

  • Operating System : Windows (Any Version)
  • Free Size Required : 10 MB minimum
  • RAM needed : 512 MB +
  • Processing : 1.2 GHz or above
  • Its enough for now.

All the docks are very easy and handy to use, the other feature is portability and less memory consumption which makes your OS to run faster, the customization is very nice and catchy to utilize.

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  1. I am already using other versions but CircleDock for Windows 7 is new to me.

  2. Satyakam Pradhan says:


    I loved all these docks and I love Rocket dock as it seems to be more descent and professional and gives a good look too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Krishna Parmar says:

      yeah, glad to know, that you liked it

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