ObjectDock for Windows 8 to Customize Desktop

ObjectDock is basically an application which is widely used to add favorite shortcuts to the main desktop screen, it is the best software ever made to give new look in Windows OS. And its a very good news for all the users that is now available for Windows 8 to Customize the Desktop. To add extra features and eyes pleasing interference this is the best program available since long :)

ObjectDock for Windows 8

StarDock’s ObjectDock  is one of the most appreciable program which will give its users the effectiveness that they can arrange their lovable programs, songs, images, application, etc in a most attractive way, ever imagined!

This Dock is the only one, having two version- one which is personal use and the other plus type. Personal type is free to download and is available for every users without any charge, but plus is premium version having a chargeable amount only once. Though free type give your power to customize  but the second will change the way you use your system, it gives the ever eyes pleasing substance and extra beauty to your operating system .

Its not only about customize desktop but it enables us to have more powerful control on our demanded and required programs. It is even used to save more time and give quickness for the person’s desktop use .

Windows 8 ObjectDock

Features :

StarDock is already coming with many fantastic features which I can’t describe with few lines, though I have highlighted few points for the purpose sake :

  • Enhanced Interference and customization
  • Beautiful widgets and shortcut effects
  • Eye Pleasing Icon and Hover Effects
  • more effect with extra ObjectDock Skin effect
  • Drag then drop user flexibility
  • Shady and Reflection effect to add more features
  • New mouse effect in the current version
  • Now with new and better background and skins
  • Can even enable auto-hiding power effect
  • Less memory and RAM consumption for faster response
  • Can even manage multiple or single docks at-a-time
  • All time available for free!

You can freely from the below described links, here is the few system requirements whcih is very normal and basic any system can pass on :)

  • Name :  ObjectDock
  • Size     :  20 MB
  • Type   :  Free
  • Run     :  Windows Operating System
  • Download Link (freeware)

So friends, I hope you liked this application which is meant only for us and for our pleasure. I’m sure that you will try this out as its very delightful to use it. Make sure to put your valuable comments :)

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