Opera Mini 7.0 Next Launched For Android, Java, Symbian

Opera Software Co. is off course the best and fastest growing freeware company worldwide. They are parting the services to all the users by releasing there browsers in various versions and the latest being OPERA MINI 7.0 which is now available for Android, Java, Nokia Symbian Mobiles.

This one is greatly updated with latest features and easy using capacity for all the users among, it includes faster data compressing & loading just like UC Browser, now with better downloading acceleration along mouse settings.

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Previously, many versions got released in ascending order, but now the name of the software got altered to Next Version indicating the new diversionary. It has got tons of  features and amazing eyes pleasing user interference which is described below.

This version is not only loaded with more features but also has made our social like easy with introducing the way to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc for better assess-ability which is the most appreciable part of this browser.

Opera Mini 7.0

It enhance us to get the glimpse of the upcoming world which is lightening fast and accessible to all the mobile internet lovers.

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The major break through is that this version is launched for Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian as well as iOS which makes it for worth trying :)


As stated above also this is the one loaded with tons are new eyes pleasing features including browsing, downloading, page loading speed, etc. It even made possible to access our Facebook and Twitter life easily.

  • Start up page with bookmarks of all the great and needy websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc
  • Availability of quick dial up and shortcuts to get our favorite  pages remembered
  • Highlighted RSS reader to make life better
  • Enchanted with latest shortcut keys to speedy access
  • Touch Screen Mobile Friendly
  • With new O7 infra plus technology to boost the browsing speed
  • Better and quick data and image processing for quick page loading
  • Improved downloading speed of files with pause option
  • Featured with language translation option to give it worldwide power
  • Less mobile ram power consumption
  • And much more..

It got very nice reviews and user rating from all over the world, showing their delight and appreciate their mind blowing work for the interest of peoples.

So friends, I hope you likes with new and latest release of Next version and its always being a part of honor to receive your comments and feedback to know us more about your acceptance.

I know you will ever enjoy the fastest surfing and downloading experience with this fab software ever made in the history of mobile world. I am using this browser form from the day I know about Internet in phones, this app has made my life very easy and yours too.

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  1. m1k0 says:

    CSS Media Query works now OK or not?

  2. kenny says:

    The new Opera Mini Next is an improved experience.
    It is noticeably smoother, and whilst not necessarily quicker within the internet itself, it’s a lot faster between it’s components i.e switching tabs, between home and speed dials etc.
    Overall a much crisper responsiveness – something that becomes evident within the first few minutes of use.
    And you can chose to turn the homescreen off.
    Opera Mobile 12 has become a larger beast, meatier all all round, and it feels it.
    You need 512 RAM minimum to get anything out of it, but when it delivers the experience is quick and silky-smooth. You are removed from the processes it’s activating and just recieve full, beautifully rendered pages, quickly. Anything you can do on desktop, you can do here.
    Both Opera mobile and mini leave you feeling powerful, fresh and un-limited.

    • Krishna Parmar says:

      Yes Kenny! the current version is much more fine to use. Btw thanks for providing extra information about Opera mini next 7.0

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