2014’s 10 most preeminent digital tablets!

There has almost been a race over in the digital world over the past few years in getting to be at the top at exploring digital gadgets and exploring and introducing new technologies and possibilities to the people. Some of the companies and the brands have come quite far and excelled pretty much in the [...]


5 things you wished were not in the new iOS 7!

There have been a lot of speculations recently about the possible accomplishments and failures in the newest introduced software by Apple for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The debate has taken a whole new level discussing the possibilities and the conservative approach at some points leading to restricted actions by the software and setting limitations to [...]


Fujitsu Celsius H730 – reviewing the workstation!

Like all the other laptop manufacturing brands, there has been a huge convergence in the technology and innovation and performance enhancing by Fujitsu. The brand has been one of the biggest and most reliable sources in providing people with latest and most reliable means of technology whether in terms of laptops or any other technology. [...]


Dell Precision M3800 – the tantalizing Dell experience!

With the increasing adoption in mobile technology, one might seem to observe possible interest being vague in using and purchasing a notebook. Previously notebooks have been widely recognized, used and purchased. But still with the growing advancement in technology and innovators constantly hitting new heights in inventing new stuff for the users, the laptop market [...]


Reviewing the latest Acer Iconia W4!

Since the evolution of the manufactured tablets industry, there has been a huge increase in it since the invention of latest processing softwares, applications, functions, enhanced specifications, better resolution and last but not the least, the touch sensitivity experience which is reaching new heights in terms of its innovativeness and exposure over the last few [...]